Richard Pancho Gonzales Youth Foundation - Promo Video

This is a promotional video that I had the pleasure of editing for the Richard Pancho Gonzales Youth Foundation. All footage in this video was provided by the Richard Pancho Gonzales Youth Foundation, Greg Gonzales, and the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

You can find more information about the Richard Pancho Gonzales Youth Foundation here;


Lummis Day Festival - Promo Video

This is a video that I shot and cut for the 2018 Lummis Day Festival. The drone footage in this video was attained and provided by my colleague Bert Atkinson.

Lummis Day celebrates the arts, history and ethnic diversity of Northeast Los Angeles through educational and cultural events and an annual festival that draws the community together for a shared experience while providing a platform for cooperation among people of all ages and backgrounds.

For more information, you can visit the Lummis Day Festival website here;



Located in Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles, Plaza de la Raza is the oldest Latino cultural community center in the nation. I shot and cut this video to help raise funds for their art classes and programs which benefit kids and adults of all ages. More information about Plaza, Giving Tuesday 2017, and how you can donate is in the link below. "Fluir" performed by Jardin.



This is the official Promotional Video for the upcoming 2017 Chicano International Film Festival that I had the privilege to shoot and cut myself. Whittier Blvd. performed by Thee Midniters.


Heart of the Matter

This is a video I shot and cut for the County of Los Angeles's Department of Public Health. It is of an art exhibition that my Mom, Mita Cuaron, curated for her clients a week before she retired.


Promo Video for the school of kinesiology and nutritional science at CAl State lA

This is a video I produced along with my colleague Moses Israel Guerrero, for the College of Health and Human Services at Cal State LA. Moses was instrumental and responsible for the video content seen above while everything in this clip was edited by me. If you're out there performed by John Legend.


PSA for Cal Poly Pomona's Diversity Ambassador Program

This is a PSA I shot and cut for Cal Poly Pomona's Diversity Ambassador Program. The organization was raising funds for their Ambassadors to travel to the southern parts of this country and gain a deeper understanding of the civil rights movement that took place in that area during the 1960's. Hall of Fame performed by the Script.


A word from the 2014 art Director of Statement Magazine

While in college, I was a member of Cal State LA's Literary Arts Magazine. Every year where we produced and published an annual arts journal that featured art from Cal State LA's finest. Whether it was poetry, prose, paintings, photographs or short stories, the magazine showcased and celebrated the collaboration of artists as well as their art. At the magazines launch in 2014, our Art Director, Ceng Ma, was absent on a trip abroad. This video was a message from him that played at the launch party that I was fortunate enough to shoot and cut myself.