I'm a filmmaker and I'm from LA. I started making movies in high school and immediately ran with it because it was the coolest thing I had ever done. Not too long after that, I realized how important and how impactful filmmaking is to us all and decided to hone the craft to spread my own messages, thoughts, and world views. Every year since then, I've done more work and had more fun.

I'm an alumni from Cal State LA and I work on projects that I am passionate about and with people who I love. It is a dream of mine to write and direct feature length films as well as start a production company.

     The work on this website are personal projects that I shot myself as well as professional projects I have been hired to film. I work behind the camera as a cinematographer, a camera operator, a videographer, as well as in front of the computer screen as a video editor, but most importantly, I'm a story-teller. I am available for hire in each area with rates depending on the project and feel free to shoot me an email for any and all questions.. Thank you for visiting and don't forget to check out the videos! 

 Lucas Benitez